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Last updated: June 20, 2020

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Quinoa flour is gaining more and more popularity in the food world today. This is due to its remarkable nutritional qualities that have placed it within the “superfoods” market. Do you know what the benefits and properties of quinoa flour are? We will tell you all about the benefits and uses of quinoa in this article.

Not many people are aware of how beneficial quinoa can be for the human body, which may seem strange as the quinoa seed has been grown since ancient times. If you decide to incorporate quinoa into your diet, you will see that you can find multiple uses for it in many different recipes. Since it is gluten-free, it is also suitable for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians.

Key Facts

  • Quinoa flour is obtained from the seed of the same name and shares almost all the same benefits and properties as the seed. The flour stands out for its high content of quality vegetable proteins, since it possesses all the essential protein amino acids.
  • The fact that quinoa flour is gluten-free is very important. This makes it an ideal substitute for wheat flour and other gluten-containing cereals. Celiacs, vegetarians, vegans and people who want to improve their eating habits can use quinoa flour as a substitute.
  • Quinoa flour can be used to make everything from salty doughs to desserts, creams, purees and sauces. Quinoa flour is also added to vegan or vegetarian recipes to increase the nutritional value of the meal. Quinoa flour is highly recommended for people who have heart, cholesterol, hypertension and digestion issues.

Our selection: The best quinoa flour in the Australian market

As with other superfoods, the range of quinoa flour is so varied that it can be confusing for the consumer. The most important aspect is to make sure that you are buying a product with high quality standards and a high nutritional value. Here’s a selection of the best options on the market to make your purchase easier.

Bob’s Red Mill Organic/Gluten Free Quinoa Flour

623g. The number 1 quinoa flour on the Australian market comes from USA grain and cereal manufacturer Bob’s Red Mill. This is an organic whole grain quinoa flour that provides a good source of fibre and contains all eight essential amino acids. Being organically produced with no sugar, soy, gluten or nuts, this flour is suitable for celiacs.

Bob’s Red Mill has been producing organic flours and products for over three decades and this level of experience gives you the confidence that this organic flour is a quality product.

Honest to Goodness Organic Quinoa Flour

5 kg. Honest To Goddness is a Sydney-based online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of organic food & natural food products that is continuously looking to bring the most organic and naturally produced products to the Australian public. With this product they offer a 5 kg bag of organic quinoa flour that is one of the best products on the market.

This flour contains the seal of approval to show that it is certified organic, gluten free and high in protein. If you’d like to support an Australian owned and operated business that is striving to bring only the best products to its consumers, then this is the quinoa flour product for you.

Casalare Organic Pre-Cooked Quinoa Flour

500g. Casalare is an innovative manufacturer of premium organic and gluten-free pastas, baking mixes and a select variety of specialty flours from the fertile Goulburn Valley in Victoria. The quinoa in this flour originates in Bolivia but is processed and packed in Australia.

This flour is made 100% from quinoa seeds with no added products or ingredientes, which means you are getting a high quality product. Packaged in the convenient 500 g size bag, this is a great product to incorporate into your existing recipes.

Quinola Mothergrain Quinoa Flour

250g. Here is the perfect solution for gluten-free baking, with flavour and extra nutrition to boot. This quinoa flour is great for pizza bases, pancakes, cup cakes, cookies or any recipe that you would like to substitute for wheat flour.

Quinola is a UK based company that specialising in producing quinoa based products for sale in the UK, US and Australian markets. Founded back in 2011, Quinola source their quinoa from the high altiplanos of Peru in the Andes mountain range. Quinola is a Fairtrade certified company which ensures all the quinoa farmers receive standard and fair remuneration for their product.

Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Quinoa Flour

110g. The final quinoa flour on the list of the best quinoa flours on the Australian market is another international brand, once again from the UK. Doves Farm has been growing, harvesting and producing grain and seed based products since 1977. With this quinoa flour, you can add diversity to your everyday cooking and baking to improve your nutritional intake of superfoods.

Packaged in this convenient hard tube to keep is fresh and dry, this quinoa flour would be a great addition to anyones pantry. At $11 excluding delivery, this is a unique offering that you won’t be able to find in Coles or Woolworths.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about quinoa flour

The more you learn about quinoa flour, its properties and its nutritional benefits, the sooner you will start incorporating it into your diet. In this section we will explain the different aspects of this type of flour and the best ways to take advantage of its nutritional benefits. This article will provide you with all the best information about this superfood.

person eating healthy

Quinoa flour can be used just like wheat flour or any other flour.
(Source: Belchonock: 116272812/

What is quinoa flour exactly?

Quinoa flour comes from quinoa seeds that are grown and processed according to strict organic standards. Once the seed has been collected, it is processed and separated from the body of the plant. After a short drying period, the seeds are ground until they become a typical fine powder that we identify as a flour.

The quinoa seed from which the flour is made is obtained from the Chenopodium quinoa plant and is highly nutritious. Its importance as food and medicine goes back thousands of years in the Andes region of South America. Even though the main quinoa producing countries are Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, the consumption of quinoa has spread throughout the world.

Did you know that quinoa flour is also very rich in vitamins, such as group B and E? It also contains valuable minerals such as fibre, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and iron.

What does it mean that quinoa flour is a superfood?

It means that quinoa flour is part of the raw food group that is much higher in nutrients than processed and cooked foods. In general, superfoods are rich in enzymes and are full of vitamins and minerals that help to protect the body against disease. Superfoods also have antioxidants with wide ranging therapeutic benefits.

Consuming superfoods is a growing trend as more and more people discover the benefits when they add superfoods to their diet. Among the superfoods growing in popularity, quinoa flour is one of the fastest growing, especially asย  it can replace wheat flour. Nowadays it is very easy to find quinoa flour in shops and supermarkets.

What are the benefits of quinoa flour?

Quinoa flour has numerous nutritional health benefits that can be summarised below:

  • High level of quality vegetable proteins: This means that it possesses all the essential amino acids of proteins, something not very common in the vegetable kingdom. This characteristic makes it the perfect ingredient in a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Contains phytoestrogens that regulate metabolic and hormonal activity: Improves blood circulation and the high fibre content and very little fat or starches serves to lose weight, prevent constipation and improve digestive functioning.
  • It does not contain gluten or cholesterol and has a low glycemic index: It is a food suitable for coeliacs and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Quinoa flour is also very filling.
  • It is easy to incorporate into any recipe: It is not only used to make biscuits, salty doughs and other bakery products, quinoa flour also works as an excellent addition to protein shakes, milk, sauces or creams to increase the thickness.

What is the nutritional value of quinoa flour?

As the table below shows, quinoa flour is a rich source of essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium. The high calcium content helps to prevent osteoporosis and other bone problems while the Omega 3 and 6 that is present in quinoa flour reduces cholesterol levels in the body.

The following table details the nutrients contained in 100 grams of quinoa flour:

Element Unit Value
Calcium mg 181
Phosphorus mg 61
Iron mg 3.7
Retinol mcg 0
Vitamin B1 mcg 0.19
Vitamin B2 mcg 0.24
Vitamin B5 mcg 0.68

What is the difference between quinoa flour and other quinoa supplements?

There are several ways to consume quinoa with quinoa flour being just one of the options. The best known quinoa supplements are as follows:

  • Whole quinoa: the raw quinoa seed is very nutritious and versatile. It is rich in fibre, as the grain layers are intact. Quinoa seeds can be included in a variety of recipes as long as it is cooked or sprouted. There are different types: white quinoa (mild flavour), red quinoa (more intense flavour) and black quinoa (earthy flavour).
  • Quinoa powder concentrate: very similar to quinoa flour except the refining process is greater, quinoa powder concentrate is generally used to enrich ready-made preparations. Quinoa powder concentrate is perfect for integrating into milkshakes, soups and purees. The nutritional value is high, although there is less fibre than the whole seed and quinoa flour.
  • Quinoa capsules: the capsules have concentrated quinoa powder inside and although they are low in fibre, they are rich in minerals. The taste of the capsules is neutral and it is advisable to consume them with water for breakfast or lunch.


Superfoods are rich in enzymes and are full of vitamins and minerals that help protect against disease. (Source: Elena Schweitzer: 41509787/

What is the recommended dose of quinoa flour?

The recommended daily intake of quinoa flour is approximately 20 grams, however this amount may vary according to each persons diet. It is the same recommended daily intake for quinoa powder. The recommended daily intake of the whole quinoa seed is 50 grams per day, while for the capsules, no more than 3 per day.

Quinoa flour Quinoa powder Whole quinoa Quinoa capsules
Recommended Serving (daily) 20 to 50 grams 20 grams 50 grams (raw) 3 capsules
Need cooking? Yes No (although it can be used in recipes that require cooking) Yes (should be germinated prior to use) No
Flavour Mild Neutral Mild, similar to walnut Neutral
Price Economical More expensive Economical Moderate


Can quinoa flour replace wheat flour?

Quinoa flour can be used just like wheat flour or any other flour. One important difference to keep in mind is that because it does not contain gluten, the kneading and plasticity of the preparations will not be the same. Apart from this, consuming quinoa flour provides much more nutrients than refined wheat flour and is digested easier.

In the preparation of bread or other salty doughs, the process works well if the quinoa flour is mixed in with other baking ingredientes. Quinoa flour can also be used to a substitute to make lower calorie cookies or pancakes. It can also be used a thickener to smoothies or shakes as it is very nutritious.

Medical News Today
“Quinoa provides a higher amount of antioxidants than other common grains used in a gluten-free diet. Most gluten-free products consist of corn, rice, or potato flour and lack the nutrients that products incorporating quinoa can provide”.

Is quinoa flour suitable for both celiacs and diabetics?

Quinoa flour is suitable for celiacs as it is gluten-free. Regular consumption of quinoa flour helps celiacs to maintain normal intestinal functionality much better than with a simple gluten-free diet.

For diabetics it is slightly more complicated. The whole quinoa seed, due to its higher antioxidant content, is suitable for people with diabetes, however as quinoa flour goes through an intense refining process it does not have the same impact on the body. Diabetics are advised to consult a specialist with regards to quinoa flour consumption.

Are there any contraindications to the consumption of quinoa flour?

Quinoa flour is generally safe for human consumption and it can be safely consumed by pregnant women, infants and children. In fact, it has advantages over other quinoa supplements, such as whole seed, which if consumed in large quantities may cause some digestive issues due to its high fibre content.

quinoa food

The versatility and properties of this food is making it gain popularity.
(Source: Svetlana Kolpakova: 29868445/

Anyone with a chronic disease (liver, kidney, hormone) or taking medication should consult their doctor before incorporating quinoa flour into their diet. Consultation with a trained professional will prevent adverse reactions that may arise between this supplement and existing medications. Remember that the manufacturer’s instructions do not replace your doctor’s recommendation.

Shopping Criteria

In addition to choosing a quinoa flour based on its nutritional and healthy attributes, there are other criteria that influence the purchase. In this section we include all the important information you need to take into account before buying quinoa flour.

Gluten-free certification

Quinoa flour is widely used as a wheat flour replacement by those who are celiac or gluten intolerant. Although the quinoa seed is gluten-free, it can sometimes be contaminated with traces of gluten cereals (wheat, oats, barley, and rye). Therefore, you should always look for the seal that certifies that it is a gluten-free product.

Live Science
“Most foods lose their healthy fatty acids when oxidised, but quinoa’s nutrients hold up to boiling, simmering and steaming”.

Ease of consumption

Quinoa flour is usually packaged in airtight or sealed packages that allow easy access for quick integration in the chosen recipe. For preparations that require mixing and cooking time, you must ensure that the quinoa flour is suitable for mixing with other ingredients without affecting the taste or texture of the food.


Fairtrade is a certification that guarantees that a product has been produced and sold under conditions that benefit producers, traders and consumers. It relates to the ethical quality of a commodity and promotes sustainable development and honest work. If you see the Fairtrade label on the packaging of quinoa flour, this is an added bonus.


It is advisable to pay attention to the nutritional information and production of quinoa flour to make sure that it has not been over-refined. Checking this aspect ensures that the product you are buying has not lost the high nutritional values found within the whole seed.

red quinoa

The quinoa seed from which the flour is made is obtained from the Chenopodium quinoa plant and is very nutritious. (Source: Sergii Koval: 85423190/

Origin of ingredients

The healthiest quinoa flour is grown and produced in places where it originates, where the best organic conditions exist. You must be careful not to choose a product with additives or added ingredients as this may affect the taste, nutritional composition and chemical properties of the seed.


Quinoa flour is a superfood that has a magnificent nutritional value. The flour originates from the quinoa seed which makes it suitable for a gluten-free diet (for coeliacs). In addition, its easy integration with other types of flour makes it ideal for preparing all kinds of recipes.

People of all ages can consume quinoa flour and receive the nutritional benefits that this product offers. The properties of this flour are very diverse, however the main benefits can be realised by those who have cardiovascular, digestive, cholesterol and hypertension problems.

If this guide has been interesting to you, don’t forget to share it so that others can discover the benefits of quinoa flour. If you prefer, leave us a comment and we will be delighted to answer you. Thank you very much!

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